Dimensional Shift

The 2D web confines users to flat interactions, limiting immersive experiences. 3D web transcends these boundaries, offering richer visualizations, enhanced collaboration, and a more engaging user journey.


Bixma 3D combines the simplicity of WordPress-like backend with zero-code functionality, enabling users of all technical backgrounds to create immersive 3D worlds effortlessly. It’s about you and your vision.

Device Harmony

Bixma 3D’s responsive design ensures optimal performance across devices. Be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, users experience seamless 3D web interactions. Bixma 3D is also compatible with wearable VR devices.

AI Revolution

Integrating AI to enable scene-building via text is our groundbreaking ongoing strategy in Bixma 3D. It’ll simplify complex designs, potentially reshaping the future landscape of the web industry.


Revolutionizing the Web Experience

Welcome to the world of tomorrow, where the internet is no longer bound by the limitations of 2D design.

Imagine a world where you can explore 3D environments, walk through online stores, attend virtual concerts, and explore digital art galleries, navigate virtual malls, and interact with products as if they were physically present. This is the future of the web, and we’re bringing it to you today.

Bixma 3D simplifies the process of creating immersive 3D environments, making it as easy as building a WordPress site. Eeveryone should have the opportunity to create engaging and memorable experiences for their customers, and Bixma 3D breaks down the barriers to entry for doing so. Join the 3D revolution and experience the future of the web.

Ease of WordPress, vision of sci-fi.

Shift from Web’s 2D Legacy to 3D’s Frontier.

🌐 From the World of 2D to a 3D Revolution

WordPress reigns supreme in the 2D web world, powering over 40% of websites and accumulating billions. It’s iconic, it’s reliable, and it’s what creators love. But what if we told you there’s a new horizon waiting to be explored?

🚀 Introducing Bixma 3D – Your Next Creative Playground

Just like the familiar paths of WordPress, but with an added dimension! We’ve modelled our backend after the very platform loved by millions, ensuring a smooth and intuitive transition. And here’s the catch: it’s all in 3D!

🔧 Familiar Tools, Amplified Experience

  • Plugins? We’ve got you. Not only do we offer a vast range, but we’re also working on a unique tool to transform existing WordPress plugins right into the Bixma 3D realm.
  • Themes? Meet our interactive scenes, giving your content a dynamic, 3D backdrop.
  • Content Store? Dive into our extensive asset store, where you can buy, sell, or share unique 3D content.

🖼️ A Seamless Transition, Only More Immersive

Our mission? To elevate. Bixma 3D aims to seamlessly lift every WordPress feature you’re fond of, casting it into an immersive, all-encompassing 3D space. From the look and feel of your site to the very tools you use, transition effortlessly from the 2D world you know to the 3D experience you’ll soon adore.

Join the 3D Revolution. Explore Bixma 3D Today.

For a detailed walk-through, don’t miss our exclusive video tutorial showcasing Bixma 3D’s remarkable backend!

From Flat to Fantastic

Elevating the Web, One Dimension at a Time.

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