Bixma AR platform

The only Web-based augmented reality platform in the market with multi-content integration! Best fit for education, digitization of prints, publications, and product packaging. All for an affordable running cost that makes it commercial friendly.

Web solutions

The creative touch in cloud solutions makes Bixma products unique. Bixma solutions cover a wide range from education to job matching to immersive technologies like virtual reality and Augmented reality solutions.

Apps Development

Bixma structured a development method for mobile applications that provides a diversity of development options depending on each project complexity. From the application builder to native apps to web applications we cover all needs.

Software analysis

Bixma prides itself on providing quality IT consultancy long before the coding starts. Our clients get excited about the way we help engineering their product concepts and ideas without any development commitments. We love what we do!

Swipe right for your next job

Tinder-like job matching system,

A full-features job matching system both for companies and job seekers for fast recruitment. Company account includes job posting, job interview, and job analysis templating, recruitment process, job certificate, web conference interviewing, and more.

Seekers can filter jobs by industry, skill, location, salary,... swipe right to apply, left to skip, up to save, and down to block seeing that job again.

Easy, powerful, fast, and provides a friendly experience.

Edunise: All-in-one education platform!

Edunise aims to change the learning process worldwide. No more we want students to come to the class unaware of what topics will be discussed – sitting there clueless listening to instructors’ lectures. We want to invert the pyramid! Our aim is also to make quality education affordable for all!

Bixma APP: Zero-code app builder

  • Design your App

    Choose one of the ready-made templates and select the template you like from the library.

  • Add features

    Select your App features using more than 40 modules covering different common needs with unquantified possibilities.

  • Our support

    Bixma App requires zero coding knowledge and users can build their desired applications on their own most of the time. But we are also available for any needed support:

  • App settings

    Set the final touches on your app by adding the application name, icon, push-up icon, upload your splash screen, and setting whether you want to monetize your app

  • Android App

    Now you will be able to generate application source code in case you want to edit the code or simply download the APK file and upload that to google play. Your App is live!

  • App store

    Now you can generate the source code needed to build your application for app store (as App store requires unique ids to publish apps). Bixma can do that for you via our support.

Bixma Augmented Reality platform

A sample of Bixma AR as applied in Edunise education system. The first video shows embedding digital content in a paper book image, the second video (mobile view) shows the AR module showing the embedded content to students.

Bixma Virual Reality

Bixma started as a developer focused on immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Your strategy is to integrate such technologies in useful applications beyond the cool effect to become a powerful added value to any system. Here is a sample of integrating VR in Edunise education system.

Contact us

    Bixma technology adopters

    Between using our established solutions, white-labeling some of our technologies, developing their own products with Bixma, and seeking IT consultancy we are proud of the exciting relationship we have with our partners.

    Current Freebies

    Bixma regularly opens some of its services or the services supported by the company for the public to use free of charge. Keep an eye on this section for continuous updates. At the moment we opened two platforms:

    • Virtual Rooms for web conferencing (Think Zoom, just easier to use)
    • Bixma APP where you can create your own web application with no coding experience needed.Visit any of the two platforms by clicking below.